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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

Photo Gallery

November 23, 2013 - Natural History Museum w/EBNHC November 23, 2013 - Natural History Museum w/EBNHC Games while waiting for the T 187102720 187102721 Detour! We had to transfer to the bus because of construction on the Longfellow Bridge. Everyone had a buddy and were great at staying together. 187102722 Walking through Harvard Yard 187102723 Harvard Yard 187102724 Everything was exciting! 187102725 Opening circle at the museum Introductions were made and everyone said an animal they would like to be. 187102726 Who knew camels were that tall? 187102727 Scavenger Hunt! One activity was to identify animals around the museum from a close up photo of part of the animal (i.e. beak, paw, mouth) 187102728 Listening & learning 187102729 Drawing animals Some of the kids wanted to try drawing some of the animals. 187102730 187102731 Check out that whale! 187102732 Learning about plants At the glass flower exhibit everyone learned many new things about flowers thanks to the guide. 187102733 The cashew plant is poisonous! We learned that the cashew plant is related to poison ivy. 187102734 Rocks & metiorites Another friendly guide told everyone lots of great things about the different kids of rocks, 187102735 The end of a great visit 187102836 Lunchtime at the Cambridge Common A quick, healthy (and chilly) lunch before the afternoon activities started. 187102837 Who's under there? Fun with leaves 187102838 Let the games begin! Soccer, frisbee, gymnastics and tag were just a few of the games played. 187102839 187102840 Happy Thanksgiving 187102841 Closing circle Everyone had many things to share that they enjoyed or learned. A few kids changed the animal they would like to be after seeing the variety of animals in the museum 187102842 Heading home 187102843 187102844