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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

Photo Gallery

April 12, 2014 - Drumlin Farm with EBNHC April 12, 2014 - Drumlin Farm with EBNHC Sheep in the pasture ~L. Saumsiegle 191478362 Coach Liz teaching Gaby about the seedlings. ~L. Saumsiegle 191478363 Baby goats ~L. Saumsiegle 191478364 Joshua and a tractor ~L. Saumsiegle 191478365 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478366 Walter & a cow ~L. Saumsiegle 191478367 Joseph is a growing pig! ~L. Saumsiegle 191478368 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478369 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478370 All the coaches! ~L. Saumsiegle 191478371 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478372 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478373 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478358 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478359 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478374 Making a creature house ~L. Saumsiegle 191478375 Joshua found a treasure box ~L. Saumsiegle 191478376 snake! ~L. Saumsiegle 191478377 Lunch time ~L. Saumsiegle 191478360 Three monkeys on a log ~L. Saumsiegle 191478361 Blob tag ~L. Saumsiegle 191478378 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478379 Telling scary stories ~L. Saumsiegle 191478380 ~L. Saumsiegle 191478381 Baby sheep ~L. Saumsiegle 191478382 Having an egg-cellent time in the chicken barn ~L. Saumsiegle 191478383 Fun on the farm ~L. Saumsiegle 191478384