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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

Photo Gallery

July 9-17, 2016 July 9-17, 2016 Trailhead Talk 202626844 Hiking to base camp 202626845 Meal time! 202626856 Whittling break 202626846 Preparing for our first work day 202626849 Pulling vegetation from trail 202626852 View from the ridge on our day off! 202626134 Free explore 202626135 Boston ICO on the west coast! 202626836 Great way to spend a day off! 202626837 202626840 202626841 Trip photographer! 202626842 Digging a latrine for the group 202626855 Safety First! 202626851 An office with a view! 202626850 202626853 202626858 Look who's in the tree... 202626859 Sunset hike 202626843 Sun down from the ridge! 202626860 202626857 Working, removing boulders from new trail 202626862 Beloved pack animals returning to base camp 202626848 Leaving base camp for the last time! 202626847 Back at the trailhead after a great week in the wilderness! 202626863 Front country camping in Clear Lake State Park 202626864 Dinner prep without our trip cook, Didi 202626865