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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

July 17 & 18 - Hiking and Swimming in New Hampshire

Six high school boys, Alex from St. Peters, Lizzie, and myself busted out of Boston early on Friday, July 17th. We made it to Mead Base, and old CCC camp, in time to set up camp and take a short sunset hike up a sweet cliff trail in the lakes region. The kids were stoked. When we got to the top of the hike, my heart was pounding and Lizzie was sweating after keeping up with the furious pace of the kids. The pine and oak forest opened to an expansive western view over Squam Lake. We saw a great blue heron flying below the cliff, a raptor of some sort flying on the way from the campground to the hike, and a deer in an open field on the way back to camp.

The kids cooked dinner of tacos from scratch on the camp stove – with a clear chef in the kitchen. A bossy little chef, if you ask me. But he got the job done, and the tacos turned out yummy and needed. Another participant started the campfire where smores were made to help carry a sugar high into the tents!

About 2am it started to rain. It rained a lot, and we all got wet. After breaking camp, we had a quick bowl of cereal and hiked flat through a hemlock forest to a waterfall close to camp. We saw a frog, and a participant mentioned, a number of times, he was afraid of snakes. The conservation message was methane emissions’ impact on climate change. We had eaten red meat with the tacos and there were cows near Mead Base. And there are unknown amounts of fugitive natural gas being lost as methane emissions in both drilling and pipeline transport and distribution.

After the hike, we swam in the lake for about 30 minutes. The water was warmer than the air, the kids were amped, and the swimming felt good. Some of us made it out to a float where we jumped off in to the still lake. After swimming, we observed some minnows swimming in the shallows by shore. Then, without question, this short wet experience was over with a drive back to Boston, but the kids said they want to go on multi-day camping trips in the future. Pretty hardcore.


A few (3) photos are posted here.

We held a pre-trip meeting on Thursday to go over the plan to hike up Whiteface, but it turned out too wet on Saturday.

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