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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

June 18, 2011 -- Georges and Spectacle Island with St. Peter's Teen Center

We had a good first trip to the Harbor Islands last Saturday, despite a number of logistical challenges. First, I want to thank the fantastic group of ICO volunteers that helped out with the trip- Allan, Ryan, Tara, Ellen and Chris, you all were a huge help in navigating the day and making it a success. Difficult logistics included moving 24 St Peters participants on and off the Redline and through downtown Boston during the Bruins parade, and then on and off multiple ferries and back through Boston in the aftermath of the parade. We were very fortunate that every head count turned up all 24, and I truly appreciated everyones help in keeping track!

In terms of the trip, once on Georges we started with a short film, followed by a 45 minute tour of the fort. I would say interest in this tour was only moderate, and I may check with St Peter's leadership before offering it again. Following the tour, we set up lunch in the shade by the water. After lunch some of the kids relaxed while others played games, led by Ryan and Allan. It quickly became clear that what the kids really wanted was to swim, and since that is prohibited at George's, we inquired about a ferry over to Spectacle. To make a long story short, the 1pm ferry to Spectacle didn't arrive until 3:15, so we arrived at Spectacle just after 3:30 and only had about 15 minutes to swim before needing to catch the 4pm ferry back to Boston. The kids made good use of the 15 minutes, diving into the water regardless of hordes of jellyfish and seaweed. All in all, we did the best we could with the options we had available and I think the kids had a good time. Tara was our trip photographer and should be sending along some photos soon.

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